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Variety is the spice of life

Especially if you are a photographer or cameraman. I'm often asked which famous people I've photographed as if that was all I ever do. Obviously I have photographed lots of famous people, but in between many 'ordinary' people and many 'mundane' subjects! In the same week I photographed film star Angelina Jolie and her participation with de-mining in Cambodia, I also shot tomatoes at the UK's largest sandwich factory. I rarely know where I will be going next or what I will be shooting. There is no plan and anybody who thinks photography is a nine to five job is way off the mark! #photographer #commercialphotographer #editorialphotographer #johnrobertsonphotography

Creativity- warning! It's catching!

Good photography is all around us. Is it art? I dunno- and I don't care! What I do know is that it certainly lifts my spirits to see something creative wherever and whenever I come across it- in a magazine or newspaper, on the TV, in a public space, on the side of a building or vehicle- it could be anywhere. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this reaction and it must surely help to raise awareness of brands, products and services. Take the one below for instance. DISCLAIMER! This isn't my work, just something I noticed and admired whilst waiting in a Pret a Manger based in an Oxford hospital bearing my nickname during a visit to a relative there. It made me chuckle but also admire the creativity and the thought processes that produced this image. Will it make me choose Pret for a coffee and snack next time I'm in the high street? Who knows? #photographer #johnrobertsonphotography #commercialphotographer #creative

Stormy softbox

Overcoming the weather as a photographer
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Nothing sweet about me

Making the best of the unexpected as a photographer
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