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Nothing sweet about me

Making the best of the unexpected as a photographer

Nothing sweet about me- just a good eye for noticing things and quick reactions to fast changing situations. I'm currently upgrading my website at www.jr-photos.com and about to add some new photos and take some others out. This photo was taken in London's Portabello Road and is of the Australian singer Gabriella Cilmi. She was very easy to work with-a lovely person. Out of shot is a grating where the sudden gust of wind shot out from resulting in 'a Marilyn moment'. It did it just once while we were there- so I got just one chance to snap this. However much I might have favourites, it's not always to the same taste of a Picture Editor. On this occasion a different image was chosen for The Sydney Morning Herald- one with a road sign out in the street. #photographer #editorialphotographer #johnrobertsonphotography

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