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Stormy softbox

Overcoming the weather as a photographer

Storm Dennis and the windy weekend here in the UK reminded me of a job I did out in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. Photographing a former miner who became a successful businessman. The day of the shoot it was grey, overcast and far too windy to use a softbox without a team of assistants to hold everything down and stop it all being blown away into neighbouring Shropshire. Photographer's often refer to 'God's softbox'- the soft light from a cloudy sky. But in this case the world's biggest softbox wasn't enough to lift the subject from the background. The solution was to use the next biggest, (possibly). I stood the businessman beside his greenhouse which had been whitewashed inside for the winter. No plants at all in there to get in the way, so I placed my 500 watt flash unit on a stand and fired it through the whitewashed glass- using the greenhouse as a softbox. Sometimes the simplest solutions solve a problem! #photographer #editorialphotographer #commercialphotographer #johnrobertsonphotography

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