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Happy Christmas!

It's that time of year again. Happy Christmas to all my blog readers and here's hoping for a happy and prosperous new year. My card this year shows the Jesus Hospital in Rothwell, the little town I live in. It wasn't a hospital as such, more of an Elizabethan almshouse which was founded in 1586. The building still serves it's original purpose-as accommodation for the elderly, although I'm not sure they are still expected to go to the nearby church twice a day as a condition of living there rent free. In fact these days it's not rent free-there's progress for you.
Here is the last word on a plaque at the Jesus Hospital-very appropriate at this time of year when peace and happiness is what we are all hoping for...


CHRIST Blefs our Governors prolong their Days,

Who plac’d us here to render heav’n our praife

To live contented, private and refign’d,

Free from life’s toils, and humours of mankind

Pleaf’d with wife AGURS Mediocrity,

Too low for Envy for contempt too high,

What we now have we thankfully poffefs,

Till we exchange for greater happinefs.


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