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Copyright-cheque please!

I hereby licence these photos for any use in any known or unknown galaxy for the rest of eternity. Any first born shall become the licensee's property, although no sending them up chimneys or stuff like that....... You can LICENSE photos and agree favourable terms for both you AND the photographer. You DON'T need to demand copyright!! If I go to a restaurant and buy a meal, I don't expect the chef to give me the recipe and perhaps all his/her raw ingredients.......maybe a mind transfer so that I can replicate the dish exactly the same as they did. Perhaps insist they hand over their kitchen equipment..... Next time I want a similar wonderful meal, I'm gonna have to go back to their restaurant and pay out for another meal. Simples really! Good for their business and self esteem, and good for me to leave them to their expertise and creativity without any interference from me. Share the love and don't demand copyright from photographers because some numpty has decided that is required of you- it isn't!

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