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Phew! I've had a busy week and it continues today with editing images for the Waitrose job I did on Thursday. I can't talk about that yet, so here are two images from The Feathers Hotel where I nipped in for a breakfast cuppa as I arrived an hour too early. I'm a bit like John Cleese in the film Clockwise- a time botherer. That M42 around Brum can be deadly for delays, but when it's working everything drives around it like a well oiled machine.

I only saw 3 couples in the magnificent hotel dining area with it's beautiful crystal glass chandeliers and curiosities like the models of a bloke in a straw hat and the black swan with a guilded beak in the fireplace. Being a cheapskate and short of time I paid for the coffee,(£2.90- a bargain for a posh hotel!), and bought a chocolate croissant from the nearby Greggs bakery which had opened up early.

Sad to hear that next week we may all be in another national lockdown and hotels like 'The Feathers' are bound to take an economic bashing. #commercialphotographer #editorialphotographer #photography #johnrobertsonphotography

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