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Whinge, whinge, whinge

Sad to say I haven't been able to post about my last 2 weeks worth of work as the stuff I wanted to comment on hasn't been published yet!

So instead, I thought I'd comment on this. It's an article by my old boss at the Guardian, it's former Picture Editor Eamonn McCabe. Appearing in The Observer, it's a preview piece for the newly published book Eamonn co-authored-Decade, a history of the past 10 years told in photographs.

Like a lot of books about portraiture it's very subjective and is Eamonn's take on the best portrait photos and photographers.Judging by the comments under the article there are an awful lot of people who don't agree with him. In particular the vitriolic comments about the work of Murdo Macleod annoyed me. I've known Murdo for years and have featured some of his brilliant work on this blog in the past. I think it's a great shame when talentless individuals think it's ok to take a pop at such a brilliant photographer. Murdo didn't ask to be included and Eamonn did make a mistake in thinking the title of Murdo's recent book 'Gnuis' means genius. Actually it means 'face' in Gaelic, although to my mind Murdo is a genius and certainly a very inventive photographer who I admire.

I prefer the shot on Murdo's own website , but it seems a shame to me that people can't comment on a newspaper article without making infantile personal remarks-they don't know him and will probably never even approach his level of talent.

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