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I've been very busy just lately with both commercial and editorial work, as well as quite a bit of personal work. My latest personal project has also kicked off, sponsored by both InterfitPhotoUK and Lastolite. Interfit have loaned me two of their latest S1 lights and Lastolite/Manfrotto one of their Washington Easycare fabric backdrops.
So far it's mostly all good. The S1 lights are a revelation on the battery life. I'm used to things like my Fuji X-Pro camera having a really crappy battery life. Absolutely not the case at all with the Interfit S1 lights. I'm extremely impressed with the battery life on these and also at how quickly the batteries recharge. PLUS you can use their lights on mains power while the batteries recharge OFF the flash units. Now THAT is a great idea! 

If I have a criticism, it is the resulting compromise. Which is the 4 seconds recharge time between shots. My Elinchroms take a second. Even that is often annoying. But 4 seconds for me is a LONG time. Too long. I hope that Interfit will address this issue in the near future because so far it is the only issue I have with their excellent lights.

More to follow on this as time marches on. I shall be using the S1's again tomorrow on a commercial job for Waitrose. It's a great test of these lights in the real world.

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