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iPhone advert in Birmingham

My blog post this week is fittingly from Birmingham, where I passed this advert on the way to a job for The Daily Telegraph.
It's not the greatest quality because it was shot on my iPhone 5s in the early hours. I liked the irony of photographing an advert for the latest iphone on one of their older products. I'm not sure if the advert actually proves that much as it seems to imply that if you shoot with the latest iPhone your photos will be good enough to use at billboard size. The truth is that even when digital first came out, the small file sizes could still be upsized with software and used for billboards.
Many years ago I had a billboard made from a 5mp Nikon D1X file, although it's fair to say that even the sensor on that camera was bigger than the one in most mobile phone cameras.

I don't think I could ever be described as a 'gearhead'. Which is also ironic because tomorrow I will be heading to the 'gearhead's' favourite annual show-The Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham. I haven't been in years and confess to being quite excited to be not only attending, but also writing about what I find there for the Manfrotto blog.
Last time I went the Fuji X100 was on display for the first time and I got a quick hands on with it. History repeats itself and this time the must-see Fuji GFX50S will be there. I've heard good things and bad things about it but at over £6K for the body only it would need to justify that price by blowing away the competition and cheaper cameras like Canon's EOS 5Ds which I have used and was very impressed with.

I'm also looking forward to meeting several members of my photographers' group who will also be at the show. These days photographers can be 'electronically isolated' and so it's a great thing to be able to meet up in person and have a chat. I don't fancy being one of those photographers at the show humping around all their gear in a rucksack, so like in my previous blog post-I will be travelling light!

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