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If you go down to the woods today...


If you go down to the woods today.... you would have seen a photographer carrying his gear in the latest bags from Manfrotto. I've been given a Professional backpack 50, (MB MP BP 5088), and Professional Roller bag 50,( MB MP-RL-50BB) to try out and give feedback. These still have the tags on them-I haven't had time to take them off yet! So at the moment they are in pristine condition and the bluebell wood was their first outing- a sort of christening if you like,(sunshine and intermittent rain).
Rest assured they will be given plenty of real world testing by me-everything I use has to earn it's place, so I will be posting how I get on with these.

The pic below was taken using my old tripod,(I guess you know the brand!), and panning upwards at 1/15 second with the horizontal movement locked off. It's one of my favourite techniques to get a painterly effect and seems to work especially well on trees.

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