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Whoa! It's been five months since I last posted and I kinda got out of the habit of posting on my own blog. Lots of changes since I started blogging in 2007-it was fairly unusual then, but now everybody and his dog has a blog and we are all in the information overload age. I confess that I enjoy writing-it's cathartic...good for the soul!

Part of the problem for me has been that a lot of the work I do these days isn't published for ages. So I can't blog about it while it's fresh in my memory and by the time it HAS been published or broadcast I've moved onto other things and the photos/video is stashed away somewhere on one of my archival hard drives ;-(

Bit late to look back at the end of January-but what the hell...I'll do it any way! 2013 was a corking year for me despite the general consensus of opinion being that photography as a career is doomed. I may not have made tons of money,(please take note Mr Taxman), but I did get to cover some pretty cool jobs, meet some amazing people and have an inspiring time.
I hope that 2014 will be very similar. I make no bones about it. Photography is possibly an unsustainable career these days, certainly the editorial photography which I so enjoy. I've been forced by necessity to push my boundaries and do stuff I always thought I wouldn't touch with a rubber bargepole.

One thing though is a constant for me. I love what I do- being creative and problem solving. Sure I could earn more money elsewhere-but would I be happy? Now that everybody is a photographer and you can buy a decent digi camera with lens for under £300 is it time to give up? Nope-not in my book it isn't! I think the bread and butter stuff has gone to those people with the £300 digis. They are welcome to it. I've moved on and I'm looking at clients who appreciate good imagery, lighting skills and a creative approach. Bring it on!!

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