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Sex and the city

Sex in the city-or is Wigan a town?
Those nice people at Barcroft Media often come up with hilarious stories for me to illustrate. In this case it was a 70 year old virgin!
Pam Shaw of Wigan in fact, a lovely lady with a great sense of humour and not at all bothered by the inevitable cruel comments and doubt cast on the veracity of her claim.
Sex sells of course and the tabloids loved this one. I did a video interview with Pam which was a first for me and something I actually enjoyed as she is such a fun person to talk to. I wish I was clever enough to work out how to put the video on here- it's a massive 1.5 gb file size though!

Pam is an actress and entertainer and has even starred in one of my favourite TV programmes, 'Shameless' in which she played 'Auntie Pat'.
We took photos in her garden, in a nearby park and in her bedroom where the leopard print bedspread made a very appropriate background.
Lets hope Pam finds a soul mate to indulge her every whim.

The story reminded me of another Barcroft piece I illustrated, along with one of my assistants at the time, Wayne Neal. 'Princess Kaz' at a porno film 'factory' in the dark heart of Birmingham. Below is a photo of Wayne helping to repair the bed after some heavy duty action- NOT that kind of action, I only shoot tasteful images ;-)

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