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Through a hedge backwards

Corporate work wearing a suit and shiny shoes this week, but also literally looking like I'd been through a hedge backwards on a job for The Sunday Telegraph. Fortunately I was wearing jeans and rough weather gear to photograph the Naseby monument during the teeth of a gale and storm on Thursday morning. Slipping about in the mud and trying not to get blown over by vicious gusts of wind as the rain blasted in horizontally, I dodged through a gap in the hedge to get a higher viewpoint. The irony of atrocious weather is that it can lead to much more dramatic lighting. In between the heavy showers of rain were short bursts of sunshine which lit the stone of the monument and made it really stand out against the stormy black sky-result! I'm not so sure about the windburnt face and chapped lips though ;-(

The civil war re-enactors were photographed in 2007 a mile or so away at Kelmarsh Hall. Unfortunately the original battlefield site in front of the Cromwell Memorial will be in sight of huge turbines at the new Kelmarsh Windfarm which has now been given the go-ahead.

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