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Making light work

I've been meaning to write this post all week and only just gotten around to it ;-(

Sometimes bad luck strikes in threes. On the way to a PR job last week first my car's central locking decided to stop working. No biggie- just means that every time I open the boot to retrieve my cameras, the alarm goes off and everybody stares at me like I'm a car thief. Next my sat nav decided it was time to go terminally on strike. Not a problem for somebody who used to navigate everywhere by maps and compass in the old fashioned way.

Finally the connector bolt dropped out of my tripod and disappeared forever just before I had to photograph the Peterborough city Christmas lights switch on.

Being a professional means carrying on regardless and adapting to and solving problems, so that is what I did. I hand held the camera on my tripod- not ideal but do-able for up to 1 second exposures especially as the lights were swinging around in the wind anyway. I think I got away with it quite nicely, and of course on the shot of Joe Al Smadi from 'Diva Fever', it wasn't a problem as I was able to shoot hand-held under the stage lighting.

Never was the phrase 'Keep calm and carry on' more appropriate!

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