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Suits you

Last week I went from wearing chalk-covered jeans at a training session for the UK Gymnastics team to a suit at The Telegraph Festival of Business up in Manchester. I confess I prefer to slob around in jeans, even if they did get rather covered in the chalk used by the athletes to stop their hands slipping on the bars, pommel horse, etc.

Back in the eighties photographers went through a bad patch when the order of the day was a suit and shiny shoes for all. A ridiculous edict from editors who thought photographers looked scruffy and gave a poor image for their beloved publications. The truth of course, is horses for courses and that some people need to get out into the real world a bit more. I've been on outdoors jobs where the reporter and myself were expected to climb up mountains in pouring rain. Turning up in a suit and shiny shoes for that kind of job meant I had to loan them my spare jacket and boots.

Unfortunately after just one day of wearing shiny brogues I am now sporting blisters on both ankles. Not ideal for work this week :-(

Pics show Daniel Keatings,from Corby, Northants., 2009 World Championship all-around Silver medallist on the pommel horse, Manchester Central Convention Complex, name-badge lanyards at The Telegraph Festival of Business, Chancellor George Osborne and Will King- the owner of 'King of Shaves' speaking at the festival.


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