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Biting the dust

Several weeks when I've been unable to post any recent stuff due to some of my commercial work having an agreement not to publish on it. Today I received a request to post one of my images on a group site at Flickr. It's the one above and as you can see, well watermarked. Unfortunately several of my archived images on my pro account at Flickr have been stolen, even with watermarks and so as a result I haven't put anything recent on there.
On balance it's probably a good idea to keep the account going-I received a picture request from Der Spiegel magazine only last week as a result of them finding one of my images tagged on Flickr. But I also get a lot stolen from there and a fair few requests to provide images for free use. Generally I don't chase up the infringers who use my images for personal blogs-but anything commercial does get hit with a retrospective fee and/or a takedown notice.
The image above was taken for The Guardian and used by them back in the days when I shot everything on HP5 Plus mono film. Lighting is entirely natural daylight and I remember the Nikon F4,(which I still have but never use nowadays), getting completely covered in fine limestone dust-probably one of the reasons the 20mm lens on it eventually 'bit the dust'.

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