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Road trip

Last week saw me in Jack Kerouac mode, with a three-day road trip up and down Britain. I've always enjoyed travelling so The Telegraph's assignment was right up my street. The trip started in Suffolk where I met up with the ST's reporter Rebecca LeFort and Dick Jenkins of Delta-T Devices. After a short training session we headed off with a soil measuring meter Delta-T had kindly loaned us.

The idea behind this journey was to travel to 10 UK locations and measure the moisture levels in the soil for an article about the drought affecting certain regions. We started in Suffolk, in the drought zone and went up as far as Arden in Scotland-the wettest area. Bath was the furthest south for us and ironically it poured with rain while we took measurements at Royal Crescent. The readings showed that Retford in Nottinghamshire was the driest at under 8% and Scotland unsurprisingly the wettest at over 50%.

Most beautiful part of the trip was undoubtedly on the shore of Loch Lomond. Sadly we only stayed for about 15 minutes as most of our time was spent actually travelling. Towards the end of the assignment we passed through Pennsylvania and very close to Dunkirk- places on route to Bath believe it or not!


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