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Pippa'd to the post

One of those jobs this week where The Telegraph found out at the last minute that Pippa Middleton was competing in the GE Blenheim Triathlon at Blenheim Palace. Unfortunately I arrived shortly after Pippa had completed her run in the triathlon. Still in time to get a few shots of her as she headed home though. It was one of those frustrating jobs where her friends were less than welcoming-blocking my view on purpose and doing nothing to make me want to include them on my christmas card list ;-)

It's been a week of celebrities for me- I shot the X-Factor auditions in Birmingham on Wednesday. I'm afraid I treat everybody equally,(not with equal contempt!), so celebrities don't exactly leave me breathless and weak at the knees, which is exactly the effect they appeared to have on the over-awed audience.The ITV PR people at the X-Factor auditions were their usual spectacularly unhelpful selves. Penning photographers into one little area and behaving like the gestapo if any of them strayed out of it to,(heaven help them), get a decent image for publicity of the show. You may notice a trace of sarcasm there! I don't watch and have no intention of ever watching that particular programme.

Quite why the ITV PR nazis should be so over-zealous in their policing of photographers is beyond me. I'd have thought publicity of their tacky TV programme was the objective.Despite the ITV nazis, I still managed to fill the brief and get a GV,(fish-eye lens, camera with remote on a pole), showing a star,(Tulisa Contostavlos), plus the penned-in press 'scum' and the over-hyped audience. By the way, I'd never heard of Tulisa, but at least she seemed to understand what it was all about and posed for photos, making sure everybody got the shot they wanted. I think she should train up ITV's PR nazis so that they could do their job properly next year!


Kelly Rowland at the auditions,(nope, hadn't heard of her either!)
Double pager in 'Heat' magazine, and the PR-nazi at bottom left gets cropped off for her sins!

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