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It Asda be right

Yes, it Asda be right. Here are two photos I took of chef Chris Lawrence yesterday for a well known supermarket chain,(!!). On the right is straight out of the camera and on the left a tweaked version ready for use. As you can see the raw image directly out of the camera is very flat and soft-not looking very sharp at all. So the first port of call is levels, then curves and next sharpening. I hated the distracting name badge on the freezer and also the ceiling light at top left, so both of those had to be cloned out. Look closely at the bottom left and you can see where the puddle of water was leaking from the end freezer-break out the healing brush!
Lighting for this shot was just one light placed well back and off to the left with fill provided by natural daylight from a window in front of the chef.

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