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The truth is often stranger than fiction

Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction. Some of the things I've seen, you just couldn't make them up. Like this week's job for The Sun via the excellent Barcroft Media who are always coming up with amazing stories. My assignment for them was to photograph a real life superhero. I know it sounds far fetched, and yes, it was for the Sun. Chatting to 'The Statesman' though it turned out he really does go out on the streets looking to help little old ladies cross the road, fight crime and help vulnerable people.

Whilst I applaud 'The Statesman's' altruism, I do think he rather set himself up for ridicule by readers of the Sun. Being a tad on the porky side didn't help either and unfortunately several commentators picked up on it and made 'fatist' remarks. Being a gentleman of traditional build myself, I have sometimes come across the same type of moronic comments from idiots who would like all people to be perfect, just like themselves!

I really hope he gets over his allergy to the eye makeup,(no, it's true!), and also on a more serious note that he doesn't end up on the wrong side of the drunken louts who often inhabit the streets which he 'patrols'. I'm not going to identify him or where he lives on here just in case that causes him grief, but I hope he stays safe and I'm rather touched that he gives up his free time in such a public spirited way whilst the rest of us mere mortals are slouched in front of the TV.

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