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The droid you ARE looking for...

My photo from last week's trip to the UK's first robot restaurant in today's Daily Telegraph. Robotazia in Milton Keynes 12th Street is using the 'droids' to deliver food to tables. On the plus front it's a way to avoid Covid19 by minimising human contact. On the negative side the restaurant's owners, Mark Swannell and Joy Gittens, have received criticism,(unfairly), for taking jobs from waitresses and waiters. In fact that is not the case at all- the eatery actually employs MORE people as waiters and waitresses are still needed and take orders which are then delivered by the robots. Also somebody extra is needed to look after the robots and make sure they operate efficiently! #commercialphotographer #editorialphotographer #johnrobertsonphotography #photography

I say!

I say! Hiding in my heuchera is just not cricket!!⁠ A spot of iphoneography whilst gardening this afternoon. No such thing as a day off if you make images for a living..... #commercialphotographer #editorialphotographer #johnrobertsonphotography #iphonesnap

Striding out into the Autumn....

I'm hoping as we start off into September that business will really start picking up now. That's especially important for the self-employed like me as for us the last and final Covid grant from HM Govt. has been paid and we are all on our own now. Sink or swim. Adapt, improvise and overcome. Best wishes to all self-employed and freelance workers out there. Many of us may not be in the same financial bracket as portrayed by these two 'Georgian' living historians I photographed for The Daily Telegraph in Suffolk last weekend, but we are an important part of the global economy. Here's to a revival of all our fortunes this autumn and into 2021 despite the setback of the pandemic.

You like mammoth?

You like mammoth? From yesterday's assignment,(in today's Daily Telegraph and Pictures of the Day online), at Kentwell Hall near Sudbury, Suffolk. #photography #editorialphotographer #johnrobertsonphotography #commercialphotographer

Beauty and the beast

There is beauty even in the things that cause us grief. Like dandelions which I've let grow in my lawn and are now seeding all over the place. All you need is a creative eye to make them look interesting and visually attractive! I'm not sure I can bring myself to do the same with the convolvulus in our garden though. It makes me go all Rambo and reach for the flamethrower..... #photography #commercialphotographer #editorialphotographer #johnrobertsonphotography #gardenphotographer

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